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Caralyne Melody rezzed into SL in October 2009 and spent most of the next two years enjoying its fantastic culture and fashion. She developed her SL skills as a store, print, and runway model, choreographing virtual poses and animations, blogging, taking in world photos using windlights and shadows, editing photos using graphic software, and creating shapes, skins, and clothing. She has earned model credentials and participated in various castings, contests, and stylings. Relaxing in RL for Caralyne is having fun with fashion in SL.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

UCWS Wed Oct 24

October 24, 2012

Class Notes:
No lecture, no practice, just a question and answer session for our midterms. Shortly before class, I received my quiz notecard from Lisana and was working on completing it.  I had never had to do a quiz like this before at my previous UCWS sessions and for some reason it reminded me of another quiz I had seen in the previous month or two.  There was one question that I didn't remember discussing at UCWS and had no notes for it.  Before I could remember where I seen these questions before, it was class time.

Since it was a midterms review class, I decided to ask Laylah for some help.  I knew she would know.  Sure enough, she directed me/us to the right answer.  Nyx and Janet had a few questions too, so it was a great review session.  Well worth the time!  So glad I went because I had thought about not going since I had so much to accomplish before midterms the next day.

Before we finished, Laylah passed out our final midterm instructions and Anrol sent her midterms notecard too.  I was feeling a little overwhelmed because there was more to do this midterms then I had previously experienced.  But, I just calmed myself and made a list of what needed to be done first.

I finished the quiz card and returned it to Lisana.  Then, I updated my bios and took my grad pictures and sent those to Laylah and Anrol.  Finally, before passing out for the night, I worked on finishing and publishing the requierd blog entries.  Didn't quite get those all done before I had to relog to clear my cache because of missing inventory.  I passed out while waiting for it to complete.  I must have been tired, lol.  Luckily, I only slept a few hours, woke early, and finished the blog by noon slt on Thursday.

Class Outfit:
So, I was doing a bit of shopping before class because I was still selecting my Gaga outfit.  I had a notecard from Bliss Couture about their limited edition Halloween apparel and fell in love with the lace hotpants outfit in bloody red.  Yes, red... lol.  Had to have it and teamed it with the SLink mesh boots I love, and almost have every color, and said "bah" to accessories.  The outfit is so lavish that accessories seemed overkill.  Here it is.

Style Notes:

OUTFIT ::: *Bliss Couture* Zhora Fur Coat/Hotpans/Legging (2012 Halloween)
MAKEUP/TATTOOS ::: BOOM Liquid Glaze lashed eyeshadow (red), Miamai XGen Basic Lashes B, Akeruka Biana Lips Rosso
HAIR ::: Truth Kirby (almond) & matching hairbase
SHOES ::: SLink Leather Thigh High Boots-mesh (black)
EYES ::: Anara Customeyes
SKIN ::: Akeruka Bianca medium
SHAPE ::: Mira Mira Bella Carla model shape by Caralyne Melody

Class Tour:
The UCWS tour is over.  I hope you enjoyed all the images from the wonderful and beautiful University of Clasic with Style and will choose it as your model academy.  :))

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