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Caralyne Melody rezzed into SL in October 2009 and spent most of the next two years enjoying its fantastic culture and fashion. She developed her SL skills as a store, print, and runway model, choreographing virtual poses and animations, blogging, taking in world photos using windlights and shadows, editing photos using graphic software, and creating shapes, skins, and clothing. She has earned model credentials and participated in various castings, contests, and stylings. Relaxing in RL for Caralyne is having fun with fashion in SL.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Styling "Thanksgiving"

October 20, 2012

Today was a big styling day!  No fashion show for the special holiday styling for Thanksgiving (Turkey day)!  Big prize money too with 2500L to 1st, 1500 to 2nd, and 1000L to 3rd.  We had to fill out an application to participate.  It was a lot of fun even though I didn't win.  The poses and props got me... more, always more time for pose prep!  Congrats to the winners!

My Thanksgiving Style

My Thanksgiving Description
Hello & Welcome to today's CWS monthly styling event based on Thanksgiving.  I am Caralyne Melody, an aspiring model at CWS, SImply The Best..  Today I am a simple native american girl named White Feather, here to tell you about the harvest feast at Plymouth Plantation.  Squanto wrote this for me because I speak some English but do not write it.

Although I am female, I hunt for our tribe.  I would not be allowed to do this or even know how, except that my father is the tribal chief.  He allowed it and he taught me. I am very good.  Squanto has been living with our tribe for several years now since he returned from the strange land across the big water.  He has taught me English but it is hard to learn. 

A year ago, a large vessel arrived on a nearby beach.  A group of hungry, pale people came ashore.  Squanto understood them and he told us they were "pilgrims" from the strange land.  It was lucky Squanto was here or we might have killed them because they were so weak and starved.  But Squanto advised kindness and charity, so we helped them through the long winter.  We shared our food and taught them to build simple shelters.  They survived the cold winter.

In the spring, although still not as strong as they should be, they built shelters from tree logs and brook the ground up with the metal tools they brought with them.  They names their living place, "Plymouth Plantation."  They planted seeds and Squanto showed them how to grown maize.  They called it corn.  All summer long, they tended to their "fields".  Some learned to use a bow and arrow to hunt game.  They are not as good as me.  I often bring them game from the forest.  They also have sticks that explode and bring death to an animal or bird from a great distance.  Throughout this year, my tribe and the pilgrims have celebrated together, thanking the Great Spirit for the bounty and protection provided.  We dance for them around the fires at night.  We sing on Sundays.

Its fall again and soon winter will be upon us.  The pilgrims brought in the final harvest the past week and we are having a feast of all the great food we have been blessed with this year.  The tribe has been invited and I am on my way with these turkeys.  Turkey is best in the fall and it will taste wonderful roasted over the fire.  I can't wait for the celebration to begin, we will dance and sing, but most of all give thanks to the Great Spirit for allowing our two peoples to thrive together this past year.

Thank you to everyone for for coming to the show and many thanks to our judge, announcer, and most of all to Anrol & Steve who make it possible for us to share our styling creativity in this wonderful venue.  When you have a moment and enjoy reading about SL fashion, please check out my blog at http://caralynemelody.blogspot.com/.

Style Notes:

OUTFIT ::: Ho Wear Little Feathers (Native American Girl) costume
MAKEUP/TATTOOS ::: Ho Wear Little Feather Face Paint tattoo, Miamai XGen Basic Lashes B, Akeruka Biana Lips Rosso, Short & Sweet Manicure (sky blue)
HAIR ::: EMO-tions White Feather & matching hairbase (black)
SHOES ::: Duh! Skosh Mocassin Boots (teal)
ACCESSORIES ::: Ho Wear Little Feather Bow & Arrows, Beaded Collar, Turquoise Head Piece, & Turquoise Eagle necklace
EYES ::: Anara Customeyes
SKIN ::: Akeruka Bianca medium
SHAPE ::: Mira Mira Bella Carla model shape by Caralyne Melody

The Results
Higher stakes, tougher styling!!  Watch those props during poses Carla!!  Congratulations to the Winners:
1st = Ania Lennie
2nd = Philippe Byron
3rd = FreedomRock Rhiadra

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