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Caralyne Melody rezzed into SL in October 2009 and spent most of the next two years enjoying its fantastic culture and fashion. She developed her SL skills as a store, print, and runway model, choreographing virtual poses and animations, blogging, taking in world photos using windlights and shadows, editing photos using graphic software, and creating shapes, skins, and clothing. She has earned model credentials and participated in various castings, contests, and stylings. Relaxing in RL for Caralyne is having fun with fashion in SL.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

UCWS Fri Oct 12

October 12, 2012

Class Notes:
So last week was about learning how to walk a straight down the runway and the styling and beach formations.  We learned how to pay attention to the model in front and behind us to sync our poses when we do beach, especially in the center.  Today we learned another new formation called Dome.
Tiffani walked us through the formation but we did not do the poses yet.  She wants us to make sure we have the Dome poses loaded and we are ready to practice Dome with each tomorrow.  Dome has 3 runways that are used.  Runway 1 & 3 do the same poses and walk in sync.  In order to do that, she taught us how to add another model to Huddles.  This was alot of fun.  Dome runway 2 has a completely different routine that it performs slightly ahead of 1 & 3, but requires all three models pose in sync when #2 model is her 5th dot/stop and #1 & #3 are on their 2nd dot/stop.  It requires model #1, who is controlling the poses for herself and #3 to wait until #2 is on stop 5 and then watch carefully for her to begin posing.  I love it!

Class Outfit: 
I seem to be in the mood for classic and professional looks at the moment.  I love black and white and usually add a touch of red to pop the outfit.  But with this one I didn't.  I love how the skirt moves.  This is another CERO Style outfit.  I don't like all of her stuff, but this one is awesome.  Doesn't it remind you of a MEB?

Style Notes:

OUTFIT ::: CERO Style Ohanna (white)
MAKEUP/TATTOOS ::: BOOM Liquid Glaze lashed eyeshadow (red), Miamai XGen Basic Lashes B, Akeruka Biana Lips Rosso
HAIR ::: Truth Kirby (almond) & matching hairbase
SHOES ::: CERO Style Dalit Open Toe Heels (black)
ACCESSORIES ::: Alienbear AG Double Pearl set (black)
EYES ::: Anara Customeyes
SKIN ::: Akeruka Bianca medium
SHAPE ::: Mira Mira Bella Carla model shape by Caralyne Melody

Class Tour:
So, let's continue the tour of UCWS.  Today, I am showing you the student styling stage from the audience perspective.  It is a good replica of CWS' styling stage where I have often walked the runway for daily styling.  Here is where we learned to walk a straight line using beams, axis, and eyeballing.  We also learned the styling formation for those who hadn't attended a free basic model class after joining a photo contest.  I remember when I first learned the styling formation... way back at the end of May 2011.  Taby taught me and she is no longer with CWS.  She was sweet and I miss her.  Anyway, UCWS is an awesome instructional facility and worthy of the name University.  I hope you can tell how much I love it.

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