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Caralyne Melody rezzed into SL in October 2009 and spent most of the next two years enjoying its fantastic culture and fashion. She developed her SL skills as a store, print, and runway model, choreographing virtual poses and animations, blogging, taking in world photos using windlights and shadows, editing photos using graphic software, and creating shapes, skins, and clothing. She has earned model credentials and participated in various castings, contests, and stylings. Relaxing in RL for Caralyne is having fun with fashion in SL.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Styling "Fairy Tale"

October 16, 2012

I was a bit confused when I read the event schedule.  It appeared that two consecutive Tuesdays were the same theme "Fairy"... until I read closer and realized that today added the word "Tale".  OOOOhhhh!

I love red, in case anyone hasn't figured that out yet.  So the obvious choice of Fairy Tale was "Little Red Riding Hood"  and I knew just where to get the costume.  But oh heavens!  Poses when you have a prop!  But I didn't do too bad and I was saved because the corset of the outfit is not prim but mesh!
Yay for mesh because it moves with you and doesn't create weird looks for poses.

My Fairy Tale Styling 

My Fairy Tale Description
Hello & Welcome to this evening's Fairy Tale styling.  I am Caralyne Melody, an aspiring model at CWS, SImply The Best..  When you have a moment and enjoy reading about SL fashion, please check out my blog at http://caralynemelody.blogspot.com/.

I am on my way to see my sick grandmother.  Momma gave me this basket of goodies to take to her.  She also gave me this beautiful new red hooded cape to wear.  She made it just for me.  I love it so much and I know Granny will love it too.  We both like red. 

While I was skipping along the path to Granny's house, a wolf came up behind me and I jumped and screamed.  He said "Be Quiet" in a deep voice as he looked around to see if anyone was watching.  A lumberjack was off in the distance chopping trees for firewood.  I was afraid so I tried very hard to be quiet as the wolf said.  I did not want to be eaten.  But he just smiled, showing his big teeth and asked me where I was going.  I said "to visit my sick granny" and he told me I should pick some flowers to take her.  What a good idea!  So as soon as I find some flowers, I will pick some.  But that wolf was so strange!  He had such big eyes and big teeth and his voice was so deep.  He was scary!  I hope I don't see him again.

The story of Little Red Riding Hood is a Grimm's fairy that has changed over the years.  The original story has the wolf eating the grandmother and Red while more modern versions have hiding the grandmother in the closet.  In either version, the lumberjack comes to the rescue.  The moral of this story is to be careful speaking to strangers and show the contrast between the forest and the village.  It is a favorite story of mine because red has been my favorite color since I was a child. 

Thank you to everyone for coming to the show and many thanks to our judge, announcer, and most of all to Anrol & Steve who make it possible for us to share our styling creativity in this wonderful and beautiful venue.

Style Notes:

OUTFIT ::: Dirty Princess Daddy's Riding Hood Princess
MAKEUP/TATTOOS ::: BOOM Liquid Glaze lashed eyeshadow (red), Miamai XGen Basic Lashes B, Akeruka Biana Lips Rosso
HAIR ::: TRUTH Raquel (almond)
SHOES ::: Dirty Princess Daddy's Riding Hood Princess
ACCESSORIES ::: Dirty Princess Daddy's Riding Hood Princess
EYES ::: Anara Customeyes
SKIN ::: Akeruka Bianca medium
SHAPE ::: Mira Mira Bella Carla model shape by Caralyne Melody

The Results
Congratulations Winners & to everyone who participated!  Everyone did a fantastic job!
1st = Caralyne Melody (WOW!)
2nd = Phedre Lefevre
3rd = Ania Lennie

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