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Caralyne Melody rezzed into SL in October 2009 and spent most of the next two years enjoying its fantastic culture and fashion. She developed her SL skills as a store, print, and runway model, choreographing virtual poses and animations, blogging, taking in world photos using windlights and shadows, editing photos using graphic software, and creating shapes, skins, and clothing. She has earned model credentials and participated in various castings, contests, and stylings. Relaxing in RL for Caralyne is having fun with fashion in SL.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Styling "Fairy"

October 9, 2012

So, I rejoined daily styling at CWS on October 9 for the Fairy styling theme.  Every CWS daily theme is a challenge because you are usually competing against 10 to 12 other stylists.  The themes range across the board and can be interpreted simply or as complicated as your little heart desires.  Some of the themes may seem silly, but the point is not to show off your knowledge of the lastest trends in SL fashion.  Rather, it is to show how well you can style within a theme, set poses to it, describe it, and then walk the runway presenting a whole picture.  It is intended to sharpen all of your styling and modeling skills.  And I love a good challenge!

My Fairy styling:

My Fairy description:
Hello & Welcome to this evening's Fairy styling.  I am Caralyne Melody, an aspiring model at CWS, SImply The Best.

At night, in my dreams, I find myself floating so lightly through an enchanted forest.  I look over my shoulder to see that I have the most beautiful teal, purple and pink wings.  No wonder I feel so light.  It is amazing to fly.  Lightning bugs sparkle as they whiz past, busy with their nightly endeavors.  I notice my hands, oh my!  They are a beautiful teal and I hold them up to my face in wonderment, noticing my arms are the same color and engraved with fanciful pink and purple butterflies. I am sparkling too.  Oh how can this be?  I slow down and realize I am floating in the air, almost sitting, spinning in the air current.  Am I glowing?  I must find out!  I push forward, because I can hear a waterfall nearby.  The sudden movement catches me by suprise and I do a somersault in the air. 

Ooooo!  I squeal as my stomach topples.  I do a few more just for the fun of it before I speed toward the sound of water.  How fast can I go I wonder?  The tree branches are flying by and all is blurry until below me I see a stream and small waterfall with a quiet pond at the bottom.  I float gently down to the edge of it and look into the water.  Is it too dark to see myself?  And then I see the water light up as my face shimmers in the surface.  I AM glowing... teal and pink and purple!  My breath catches!  How beautiful and what an adventure!  In exuberation I lift into the sky again, flying swirls and flipping somersaults, practicing the most perfect cartwheels, bouncing over the water as light as air.... I look up and my eyes open to see the ceiling of my room.  It's morning and I smile.  I hope that dreams happens again!

Thank you to everyone for coming to the show and thank you to our judge, announcer, and most of all to Anrol & Steve who have made it possible for us to share our styling creativity in such a wonderful place.
Style Notes:
OUTFIT ::: JayGee turquoise silks & LoveCats Spring Fae Teal skin fairy avatar
MAKEUP/TATTOOS ::: Dark Prophet Fantasy eyes pink, Tempted Tattoos Colorful Butterflies tattoo, BodyCult Glamour Rhinestones silver tattoo, Miamai XGen Basic Lashes B
HAIR ::: A&A Artermis Hair - Number 2 & ploom Daisies attachment
SHOES ::: LoveCats Spring Fae Teal tiptoe feet
ACCESSORIES ::: LoveCats Spring Fae Teal wings & Lillou Designs Pixie Blue wings (with particles)
EYES ::: Anara Customeyes
SKIN ::: LoveCats Spring Fae Teal skin
SHAPE ::: Mira Mira Bella Faree shape by Caralyne Melody

The Results: 
Congratulations to everyone who participated!  You are all winners!
1st = Caralyne Melody (ME!!!)
2nd = MsChevia Johansson
3rd = Sidney Abbot

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